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Originally Posted by tfjern View Post
Could this be streamlined in the next (soon?) update, say with a simple icon, thereby necessitating only one mouse click? Just asking.[/I]
Go Tools | Customize | Menus, in the Select context menu drop-down select 'Item Details (web page)', Ctrl+drag/drop the 'Add to UR' item(s) from the menu onto a toolbar. Then right-click the toolbar button and Edit Button Image or Change Button Image to use an image instead of text.

Also, when I do as instructed by Kinook above, the link goes into "Imported Items." How can I send the link to another more desired location in Data Explorer?
Configure Tools | Options | Import | Choose location when importing or pasting from other applications or Tools | Options | Import | Insert imported items at bold [or selected] item in Data Explorer pane as desired.
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