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Wikipedia and internal browser question

I just downloaded and installed URPro 5.1. UR is still alive after all! Rumors of its demise have been much exaggerated.

This question might have been asked before, but I can't find any answer in the help file nor on this forum.

Problem: When I open a Wikipedia page in the UR internal browser, there are usually numerous links there that I would like to link or copy to the currently open UR database.

This is no problem if the page is opened in an external browser such as Internet Explorer or FireFox because there are add-in tabs that can perform this job: i.e., link to or copy to UR. (The operation is still quite slow, by the way, but tolerable.)

How can this be done within the UR internal browser. I can click on the links and the linked page will open, of course, but to repeat: how can this new page be linked / copied into the current and open database?
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