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Question I couldn't agree more * UR + TheBrain? * Chaos Intellect?

Thanks, Wordmuse!

I couldn't agree with you more in terms of value URP provides -- and, FYI, my frustrations with the limitations of TheBrain (Personal Brain) are what actually lead me to the discovery of URP. Of course, the "superset" you mentioned really would be the best of all worlds.....At least we can dream.

In the meantime, I'm curious how you use TheBrain in conjunction with URP. Since TheBrain provides none of the project and task management functionality I need, and since URP has such a fabulous search function, I've been wondering now about even continuing with TheBrain since I prefer NOT having all my bookmarks/links/resources distributed in multiple applications.

In addition, since TheBrain's "notes" feature is notoriously unstable, I'm hesitant to use it at all.

In light of this, any thoughts/feedback you might care to share would be genuinely appreciated.

Also, just out of curiosity: have you had any experience with the Chaos Intellect application coupled with the Docs2Manage (3rd party) plugin?

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