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Ok, gals, let's put this straight.

Musing about the possible intentions of UR is futile; the developer is alive and monitoring this forum: it's time he gave a short statement. It's two corners of a coin, though: If he says he's obligeing to the roadmap, he'll trigger a lot of updating proceeds, but he'll feel bound to his words, then; so, staying quiet, he'll stay free to decide tomorrow or after tomorrow, or even will stay unaffected by his made decision to just do the strict minimum henceforward, as he's done for the last four years now, as has been stated above - since he gets steady revenu from his professional developers' environment, it could be that he judges proceedings from UR not sufficient to invest a lot of work here - I explained in length in the first part of that other thread.

And, let's face it - I explained in length in the second part of that thread there -, UR lives, to this point, with three conceptual or design flaws that prevent it from being able to do a real market breakthrough:

- bad accessibility for first-time users (since we ain't listened to when we specify and enumerate little things that could easily be changed but would make UR less so of an IQ test (not speaking of your endurance testing))

- missing superstructure for neat PM and neat (reference, etc.) document M (but which could be introduced, more or less, by preventing UR's "main" tree to follow expansions / collapses of its various hoisted sub-trees)

- UR making you wait for several seconds, on years-old pc's, after the slightest editing of an item (and if it's an item with much of content, all the more so - cf. MyInfo which is another relational db, with an index (or with multiple indexes) as UR is, but which handles this partial re-indexing after edits much better than UR does up to now, so UR could certainly do it better with further development - and this current behavior of UR will prevent it from broad usage on the slate market, since, as explained ibid., that's a market for slick, light programs not asking for much of processing power since slated need to work 10 or more hours in a row while weighting not even two pounds).

So, we have three conceptual flaws in UR that need to be addressed before anything else if UR is to make some living in the PIM market of tomorrow, but again, three design flaws that could rather easily be amended. And then only, a stylus-driven GUI could be envisioned, and could indeed make UR's fortune in that market since it would be the only self-contained offering for power users in need of such a system there... and as soon as one such a system will work smoothly, any businessman, etc. on the road would be happy to have it (there's a lot of CRM systems' development going on, so UR would be well advised to be a better storage system than those, in a 800g device, but without leaving out any such CRM functionality, and again, functions must be accessible, not only programmable).

But please: Mitt on screen? For UR? Good joke, man: It'd be an absurdity.

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