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yes and no :)

Originally Posted by tfjern View Post

I'm sure Kinook will be very pleased with your heartfelt tithe
tithe... nice reference.

but it in my opinion is completely undeserved. Version 5.0 does not by any stretch of the imagination deserve the title, "New Version." You upgraded because of what Kinook has done in the past -- UR is still a relatively good program, but now a little long in the tooth -- but the programmer (who will know what is meant by cheap grace) has kept the program virtually stagnant for the past few years, at least since 2008, coinciding with the financial crisis.
You got it partly right. I do have a certain affection for this program. And I agree it is long in the tooth. And I agree that Kinook often seems to be something of a stick in the mud.

But until this one time, Kinook has come through for its user community. And who hasn't been hurt by this unnecessarily prolonged recession? On that basis I do cut Kinook some slack - and hope.

Do I get this right? You are making a 50-dollar contribution in the hope it will stimulate Kinook to begin working on the items it has listed long ago on the roadmap? Kind of risky.
If you change the words "stimulate Kinook to begin" to "help enable Kinook to continue working", that's about right.

Also - as I said in the opener, if there are to be further developments, they will be on Version 5, not version 4. Unless I'm missing something. Upgrades for interim releases have so far been free. So it seemed easiest to be an early adopter of this version.

I may have acted foolishly. I wouldn't be the first time; won't be the last. But I didn't bet the farm, and time will tell.

- Bal