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Just purchased 5.0

Despite my dissatisfaction with the changes in 5.0, I just purchased it anyway.

The reason is relatively simple. Assuming Kinook does continue development of the product, then it will be 5.n that shows the improvements; not 4.n.

Since I continue to greatly like and admire this product, despite my disappointment, I've concluded that it is the right thing for me to do.

It also gives me, perhaps, some small legitimacy in publicly stating my hope that the things listed on the roadmap will be implemented. Multi-database search, the keyword pane, and the several other things that I and others asked for and were quasi-promised on the road map - my desire to see these things get developed is stronger than ever.

I am hoping that by buying this release, that Kinook agrees that there is a handshake of sorts in play. And it appears that this may be the case in that I see that the roadmap has been recently updated:

- Bal