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Drag and Drop From Firefox Browser


When I'm on a web page in, say, Wikipedia, I occasionally drag and drop hyperlinked items from the Wikipedia page (using Firefox) to Ultra Recall, and the link appears on the tree (the procedure is somewhat slow, compared to similar PIMs). However, all the hyperlinks in the drag and dropped Wikipedia web page are no longer active, that it, UR's browser window is no longer a browser. Is UR's "browser window" only for storing, linking, and viewing?

When I am using Mindjet's Mindmanager, the browser window is exactly that, a browser. And there is an icon you can click to export hyperlinks onto the mindmap. The problem with Mindmanager is the program has serious limitations (e.g., once the number of nodes exceeds 1000).

I haven't used UR for some time (sadly product development has slowed to a crawl) and I dread having to root around in the Tools / Options menu. But I probably clicked on or off the wrong options, so Kinook, could you please give me a hand?

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