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I'm no expert at using Process Explorer, but I can see recurring I/O activity in the Read and Other section. No activity in the Write section after initial startup. (See screenshot. The second monitor window was captured a minute or two after the first.)

A very tiny amount of data is involved each time--16 bytes in this case. I've seen up to 48 bytes in PE views of Live Mesh. Yes, it triggers sync approx. every 10-30 seconds, but perhaps this isn't enough data to be worth bothering with?

Whatever you decide, I hope we can at least have UR read-only database mode at some point. There are many cases where I'd like to open a databases read-only to avoid accidental updates (without having to change the file attribute) and have one or more open in normal read/write mode at the same time.

P.S. I noticed my last post was #100 which finally clicked me over to "Senior Member" after all these years. I don't know whether to expect balloons and party whistles or a walker with a big white bow on it, LOL!
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