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Originally posted by kinook
What happens when syncing or importing an Outlook folder (error message, nothing, etc.)? We get Error synchronizing item: Extended MAPI unavailable.

Does the MFCMAPI executable work (download, run, and choose Session | Logon and Display Store Table on the menu)?

MFCMAPI is a Microsoft utility that does something similar to UR for accessing Outlook. In our tests, it works with Office 2007 and earlier, but not with Outlook 2010 x86 Beta on Win XP SP3 x86 (I get MAPIInitialize failed with error 0x80004005 == MAPI_E_CALL_FAILED, which is consistent with the UR error).

We did make one small change to how UR tries to locate Outlook/MAPI (build, but it didn't help in our tests.
With MFCMAPI I get error: 0x8004010F=MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND.

When I try to drag/drop any Outlook 2010 Folder into UR I just get the "no entry" sign (circle with line through).. But that's the same when I attempt to drag/drop the folder to the Desktop. (I am on Windows 7).

Now got but as you say - no solution yet.
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