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Outlook 2010 Question

I am committed now to Outlook 2010 - dragging/dropping, importing/Sync'ing individual Tasks/Emails works as it used to for earlier versions of Outlook.

However, in earlier versions of Outlook it was also possible to drag (or link/copy using the Outlook add in) an Email Folder or the Task Folder into UR (along with all its items in a single operation), and then Sync at the Folder Level, rather than individual items.

In my current setup I cannot drag and drop an Outlook 2010 Folder.

Has anyone any experience working with UR & Outlook 2010?

Does anyone please have any suggestions as to the best, most fool-proof way of keeping both in Sync (with Outlook 2010)?

Kinook - are you working on any Outlook 2010 compatibility upgrades (hopefully :-) )?
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