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What's going on is such a shame as UR is so near to being the perfect all-in-one.

Searching across multiple databases & integrating a calendar would do it for me.

Are there other things that can be improved, added or tweaked? You betcha but UR's got more basic bones in place & is the most reliable app in the category IMO.

It's just slightly un-finished for the average user.

I have maintained over the development of several of these type programs that a well integrated calendar is essential to greater market interest. The reason is simple: everyone knows, understands & uses a calendar every day. There is no learning curve. A calendar is friendly.

I'm glad to see SQL has realized this & is focused on it's integration into SQLnotes (or InfoQube). In my heart of hearts I wish Kinook would do the same.

But much like Zoot, IMO few are going to wait around for years for this kind of development despite so many other great program attributes.

Yes there are still many people using EccoPro & yes, there will still be people ussing URp many years from now but I think -- sadly -- URp will not achieve it's piece of the pie w/o further development.

I look to IDImager -- a one man company in Holland -- that captured the DAM market from far bigger competitors in the crowded market of digital photograhy by having a constantly evolving product, listening to his customer base, providing excellent & friendly support. And he just been rewarded with an infusion of funds from Silicon Valley. So it can be done.

There have been so many twists & turns in Kinooks publiic pronouncements & actions over the past weeks, maybe there will be yet one more turn of events & they will get back to work on UltraRecall.