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I come to this theme from a different POV.

First Kinook posts a statement that states they are suspending development.

OK, fine. That's their right. To me that means the roadmap is dead & I have to decide to commit to UR as is or invest my time -- forget the money -- to learn, transfer & re-arrange all my data in another program.

Then Kinook comes back, deletes the first post & replaces it with some language that is ambivalent @ best, misleading (in view of the first post) at worst.

That's what got me going here. As an investor -- so to speak -- in Kinook (as are we all), I think I have the right to know exactly what's going on w UR & to know if there are any possible alternatives, i.e. further investment on my part for the next development round, etc.

Maybe Kinook is getting ready to sell the company & wants to show a better balance sheet. That's ok, too. Just say so.

In short, some transparency is what I am calling for.

I believe I have a right to that whether or not UR is a mature product, whether Kinook is going to continue fixing bugs, no matter the philosophy of buying a piece of software, etc.

Those are separate issues AFAIC. If you all want to have a philosophical discussion about software development & licensee expectations, that's fine but that's not what I'm about here.

This is purely a practical matter for me. My time is as valuable to me as Kinook's time is to them & I'd like to be able to make an educated decision about how best to invest my time in the coming months

So how about it, Kinook?

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