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Originally posted by PureMoxie

In regard to UR's maturity and usefulness - isn't it true that if you are happy with the current feature set, you can use UR for many years to come in its current state. [/B]
That depends, I recognize many names here, from other forums, usually "in search for the holy pim grail".

However we have to keep in mind, that for every one forum warrior, there are 30 or 50 or 100 regular users, many of whom probably still with some older UR version, not bothered much to update to the latest, "just using it". And they are the people who pay the development.

After certain point, the product becomes too complicated for the masses that are actually funding it, yet it becomes a luring ground for searchers of a holy grail (myself including, nothing bad on it).
But that's just a wild shot.... only Kinook sees the real picture.

I can fully subscribe to what you wrote, of course.