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I enjoy program updates as much as the next person, and each release of UR has added features that I indeed use. I do really hope the product continues to be developed at some point in the future.

However, isn't software purchased for what it can do at the time you purchase it? I don't think there is any guarantee implied in any software purchase, from any company large or small, that there will actually be new releases of the software in the future. When you purchase software, you are generally licensing the current version rather than buying into some future vision that may or may not come about.

In regard to UR's maturity and usefulness - isn't it true that if you are happy with the current feature set, you can use UR for many years to come in its current state - especially if it will be updated for any Windows compatibility issues? I know it is exciting to be using a continually evolving product, but UR already has a lot of power and is stable.