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Kinook, I am confused -- as well as disappointed now. The roadmap was updated 10/30/08 & the notice for future enhancements is still present. The announcement that UR will no longer be developed has now been removed.

Could you kindly be straight up wi your loyal users & tell us exactly what's going on. We might be able to help. We certainly CAN'T help if we think the product is in a ditch.

Are you continuing to develop UR or not? Is the roadmap valid or not. If not, kindly say so so those of us who were patiently waiting for what was in the offing can start to look elsewhere.

I have a 100's of hours invested in UR from my end. I'm sure you've got thousands. Nevertheless my time is as valuable to me as yours is to you & I think my commitment to your product should be respected w some straight talk.

So exactly what is going on with UR?

Thank you.