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We were able to reproduce this problem on Windows Vista running as a guest inside VMWare or Virtual PC. VBP is acting as if it does not have full interactive access to the desktop in order to initialize and display its GUI. The problem is not specific to VBP -- any GUI application is affected (for instance, try psexec -i \\xyz write [or notepad, regedit, calc, etc.]). Apparently a bug or limitation in Windows and/or psExec is resulting in this behavior. The problem may only occur when Vista is running in non-Aero Glass mode -- see

A couple of workarounds:

1) Running it in the system account (check the 'Run in System account' checkbox on the Remote tab of the VisBuildPro Project or Run Program actions, or use the -s psExec flag if calling directly) does work in our tests

2) Running the console app (VisBuildCmd.exe) instead of the GUI app (VisBuildPro.exe) also works (console apps don't need interactive desktop access).
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