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Re: Macro to convert Strings

Originally posted by DrGonzo
This is the path where the program to be build is stored:


Now I need a macro, that is on the one hand able to fetch this String out of the edit field in the dialogue, and on the other hand is able to convert every '/' into a '\', so that the source folders in unix and windows are identical.
Given a macro ABC containing the string above, using this script expression within a field or macro value would achieve that:

[Replace("%ABC%", "/", "\")]

Another important question occured few minutes ago:
Is the build process done by my development environment( Visual Studio .NET 2003) and if yes, does Visual Build Pro know all paths that are defined within the development environment, because I'm facing with the issue, that some external header files can not be found during the build process in Visual Build Pro. These header files are available if I compile the same project with Visual Studio.
For the Make VS.NET action, it's actually VS.NET itself (the command-line compiler that performs a build of VS 2003 projects. You can verify this by checking the 'Display command-line...' checkbox on the Options tab, rebuilding the step, then copying and pasting the msbuild/devenv command-line from the build output to a Command Prompt and running it from there. If the behavior occurs outside of VBP, you'll need to open a support incident with MS. Otherwise, we'll need a reproducible case to investigate further, including:
1) The info from Help | About | Install Info
2) The .bld file used to build
3) A build log file
4) A .sln file and project files (no source code files)
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