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Originally Posted by Nobodo View Post
mwlang, I have always had download scripts and download images checked. I think what you are seeing is because the page is not fully loaded, if you wait long enough for the page to fully load it will pop to unstyled.

For finding other pages that cause problems, I didn't have to look far. The very first one I tried linking/copying to UR has the same problem, and with an even nastier twist.
If I choose "copy" to UR, then I see the same problem as the page mentioned earlier in this thread (the page takes a long time to load, and initially looks perfectly styled. Then when it is finally completely loaded it loses some of its style information).

The real fun comes with the url when 'link' is chosen instead of 'copy'. Again, in UR it appears the page loads completely normally until it is fully loaded and then loses some style information. If you don't see it losing style info, let it sit there for a while to ensure it fully loads. Ok, once the style info is messed up, try clicking anywhere else in UR other than that page. I get a UR popup that states, "Error saving item: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.". I have to kill the UR process in task manager to get past that message (can't even close UR through UR itself without getting that popup).

Another symptom I have seen on a number of websites when copy/link in UR is done -- the website pulls up normally for a few seconds, then becomes unstyled as described above. But at the same time as it becomes unstyled, 1 or more sections of the webpage pull up in the default browser (separate browser windows). I have seen some websites open as many as 5 windows in the default browser when the item is selected in UR, however when opened in a regular browser those 5 windows are all part of the same webpage.

I would have reported these problems before, but I just figured they happened so often they were already known so I just stopped using UR for any webpage data.

Testing on two different Win7 Ultimate x64 SP1 machines w/ UR Pro 4.2a, I wasn't able to reproduce any of these problems. With the 'Download scripts' option enabled, the pages all displayed properly (even after waiting several minutes to see if the styles were lost), and no error message or separate browser windows were displayed, whether storing or linking. Please send or post the info requested at in case it can shed any light on the issues you're experiencing. Thanks.
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