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I had the problem in FF3.x, but now using FF4.0.1 and the problem is the same.
I almost never use IE, but used it in testing this problem (IE8 and 9) and see the same results as from FF. I tested new and existing linked and copied webpages in UR while my IE version was at 8 and then again at 9, testing the creation of the links from both IE and FF.

In FF I click the added UR toolbar buttons for either copy or link, there is typically a few seconds delay, then a UR popup asking if I want to copy or link the page. It doesn't matter if I copy or link, the problem is the same.

In IE I tested by right-clicking on the page, then choosing the UR copy or link context menu items.

I'll test some more tonight if I have time with more URLs. I stopped using UR for copying or linking pages sometime back due to this problem so don't know any other pages that do this off the top of my head. From what I remember it is multi-column css designs that have 1 or more external style sheets.

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