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I have noticed the same thing as OP in many websites that are multi-column CSS designs.

I tried the page discussed in this thread, and see the same symptoms I see in many other websites -- the linked page displays 100% correctly for a few seconds in UR, then it completely breaks down and loses its style info.

I can click away from the note with the webpage linked or copied, then click back and always see the same thing - the page loads 100% correctly for a few seconds, then the style info disappears and the page turns into an unstyled mess.

I did a test in Firefox (using the web developer plugin) to see if I could replicate what UR is doing. I can almost exactly replicate what happens in UR by disabling linked style sheets in Firefox.

For me this problem is bad enough I rarely link or copy webpages into UR anymore because I see this problem so often.

Win 7 ultimate 64-bit (2 separate machines, same problem)
UR Pro 4.2a
riched20.dll version 14.0.4750.1000

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