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Originally posted by mlwang
For your information (if you didn't know), indexing Chinese/Japanese words shouldn't be hard. Just index every character, for each of them is a word. While there are hundreds of thousands of characters, most people regularly use only around 3-5 thousands (for Chinese, and much less for Japanese). I believe a typical UR database has more than that number of English words indexed.
We use SQLite FTS3 for this. Either we're doing something wrong, or it doesn't index character by character for Chinese/Japanese text, but I believe that a match whole words option would resolve it.
Anyway, thanks for taking it under consideration, and after I've devised a VB script myself to convert xml outputs into html pages with keywords and URLs appended at the end, I think I'm almost ready to take the plunge.
It would be great if you could post this at -- thanks.
The only hurdle left is the relatively high price tag of the Pro version. May I ask (sheepishly) two more questions:

1. Is there any chance UR will be featured on BitsDuJour (or better, grant DonationCoder members a discount) in the near future? I searched and found it was featured on BitsDuJour a little more than a year ago, and wonder if I'd have the luck to see it there again in a few weeks. More than a hundred people (including me) signed up asking for the deal as I checked just now.
It was last featured there on Jan. 10, 2011, and will probably not be back for several months. We'll consider offering a DC discount. If you are a student or educator or work for a non-profit organization, we can also offer you the educational discount (30%) at
2. If the above request is out of question and I have to settle for the Standard version, is there a way to upgrade to the Pro version at a discount in the future? (Couldn't see such an option on the Order page.)

Thanks for your patience with my many questions and requests.
You can upgrade from Std to Pro in the same major version using the Pro Upgrade order option ($50).
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