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Originally posted by kinook
We will consider it.
For your information (if you didn't know), indexing Chinese/Japanese words shouldn't be hard. Just index every character, for each of them is a word. While there are hundreds of thousands of characters, most people regularly use only around 3-5 thousands (for Chinese, and much less for Japanese). I believe a typical UR database has more than that number of English words indexed.

Anyway, thanks for taking it under consideration, and after I've devised a VB script myself to convert xml outputs into html pages with keywords and URLs appended at the end, I think I'm almost ready to take the plunge.

The only hurdle left is the relatively high price tag of the Pro version. May I ask (sheepishly) two more questions:

1. Is there any chance UR will be featured on BitsDuJour (or better, grant DonationCoder members a discount) in the near future? I searched and found it was featured on BitsDuJour a little more than a year ago, and wonder if I'd have the luck to see it there again in a few weeks. More than a hundred people (including me) signed up asking for the deal as I checked just now.

2. If the above request is out of question and I have to settle for the Standard version, is there a way to upgrade to the Pro version at a discount in the future? (Couldn't see such an option on the Order page.)

Thanks for your patience with my many questions and requests.
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