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Originally posted by kinook
Originally posted by mlwang
A couple of unicode-related oddities:

1. there seems to be issues with searching in Chinese/Japanese text? Some can be found straight up, some can only be found with an asterisk at the end, and still some others need to be sandwiched by a pair of asterisks. Is this a known issue?
Could you please copy the following text into UR as a text item (I think web page item will do as well, but I tried it as a text item)?

最前面加上一些與日文漢字不同的中文字,如「營、雜、舊」等等。And then some English text.


縄文時代(じょうもんじだい)は、年代でいうと今から約1万6,500年前(紀元前145世紀)から約3, 000年前(紀元前10世紀)、地質年代では更新世末期から完新世にかけてA列島で発展した時代であり、世 界史では中石器時代ないし新石器時代に相当する時代である。旧石器時代と縄文時代の違いは、土器の出現や竪 穴住居の普及、貝塚の形式などがあげられる。 草創期・早期・前期・中期・後期・晩期の6期に区分される。この頃の日本列島人は縄文式土器を作り、早期以 降定住化が進んで主に竪穴式住居に住んだ。弓矢を用いた狩猟、貝塚に見られる漁労、植物の採集などで生活を 営み、打製石器、磨製石器、骨角器などを用いた。

日本の歴史(にほんのれきし)、日本史(にほんし)とは、日本または日本列島における歴史、国史(Nati onal History)のこと。本項では日本の歴史を概観する。


前幾天看了報導才發現這次出宏碁報告的麥格理 "產業" 分析師竟然是我過去在宏碁的同事張家福
Now, with full text search enhancement enabled,
1) the term "產業" (which means "industry") can be found straight up,
2) the term "日本" (Japan) can be found with an asterisk appended at its tail, and
3) the term "日文" (Japanese the language) can be found only when sandwiched by a pair of asterisks (all searched without the quotation marks).

The 3rd scenario applies to most of the Chinese or Japanese terms in my tests.

With full text search enhancement disabled and the "Match whole words" option unchecked, both ""產業" & "日本" can be found straight up, while "日文" can only be found with ONE asterisk at the end.

Now, one related questions: why can't "Match whole words" be disabled temporarily (thus working without the full text search enhancement)? It isn't practical to re-compact a large database between searches.
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