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While the subject of an Ulta Recall extension for Google Chrome seems to have died, I guess there is always hope!

I noticed a couple weeks ago that the Surfulater Firefox extension was not working in Firefox 4. Neville finally released a version that should work but everytime you capture a Firefox 4 page in Surfulater the Firefox window shrinks down to a very small size. Neville claims that Firefox 4 is different than previous versions in that he can no longer capture the thumbnail for the page, which is apparently critical to his capture menthod for Firefox.

And while Neville previously balked at trying to create a Surfulater extension for Google Chrome, he now has such an extension that works beautifully in Chrome with a context menu sub-menu and he is now praising the extension design parameters that Google has in place for Chrome. Now he actually advises users to use Chrome over Firefox.

All of the above is NOT to push Surfulater over Ultra Recall, but just to illustrate that it sounds like Google has made extension design for Chrome a lot more amenable for developers than it was initially.

Perhaps Kinook will be agreeable to taking another look at the Chrome extension API (or whatever guides Chrome extension design) to see just what Neville is talking about and see if it would now be possible to add an Ultra Recall extension for Chrome.

As I mentioned at the start of this post - there is always hope!

Thank you.

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