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Originally posted by lascasas
If you have a solution, why don't you explain what it is instead of just offering a snotty comment?

Kinook explicitly said they don't know of a solution and asked anyone with one to offer it.
I was not trying to be snotty, just disappointed. Having read my response, it was a bit snotty, for that I am sorry!

I have not found anything indicating that UR is user extensible. I guess I do not know how to extend UR, so I have no solution to offer.

There must be a solution as I also use Evernote for stuff I with to share and that has a way to do this from Chrome. I do know that the functionality sends the information to their site and not the client running locally.

And lastly, the URL that kinook gives goes to another thread with a link to a site indicating a solution. So what additional solutions are necessary?
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