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Originally posted by ShiamakD
Dea Sir,

It seems that problem (at least what I am having) has nothing todo with Microsoft rather it seems to be a very specifc problem to Visual Build 7.2 version.

When I compile my Sln file with MSBUILD (Command Line - Msbuild aa.sln) everything compiles fine however when I create an VS 2008 event in Visual Build 7.2 to compile the same project, I get the error "refernced dll not found" though the DLL is being copied in the pre-determined destination location.

The command VisualBuild 7.2 create for an VS 2008 event for a solution compilation is

msbuild.exe W:\Foldr1\foldr2\project.sln /t:rebuild /p:Configuration=Release "/p:Platform=Any CPU" /maxcpucount

if you run ABOVE command with MSBUILD on COMMAND LINE , this command also generate the same "referenced DLL not found error"

hence it seems there is an issue with implementation of VS2008 event in Visual Build.

Hi I have determined that it is /maxcpucount switch in msbuild.exe W:\Foldr1\foldr2\project.sln /t:rebuild /p:Configuration=Release "/p:Platform=Any CPU" /maxcpucount full command thats causing the whole "Referenced DLL not found" issue, if you remove /maxcpucount and run the WHOLE command from command line then it works perfectly fine.
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