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Some possibilities:

VBP itself doesn't create or use a DevEnvDir or DevEnvVarDir environment variable (?).

It is Visual Studio (msbuild/vcbuild/devenv) that actually performs the building of a VS solution or project (and is reporting the error), not VBP itself. And building a VS project from the command-line is not identical to building in the VS IDE. If building via MSBuild does not work, you might try using devenv (enter devenv in the Override field on the Advanced tab), as this will be closer to what the IDE does when building. Even then, we have heard of situations where building from the command-line doesn't work even when building in the IDE does. You can check the Log the command-line checkbox on the Advanced tab, rebuild the step, and provide the msbuild/devenv command to MS when submitting a support incident.
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