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I wouldn't recommend that. You could try it, but there are generally too many other things that get configured during an install of most dev tools than just copying executables. Here are a couple other approaches you could take:

1) Document the steps necessary to turn a fresh system into a build box (identites/locations/versions/SPs of all dev tools to install, etc.). Follow the document when setting up a clean build box. Simplest, but not automated.

2) Create a VisBuildPro project that automates the installation of the dev tools. Your dev tools might support silent install via
command-line switches. If not, a tool such as AutoIt [1] or other
macro recorders [2] could be called from the build to automate GUI

3) Use an MSI repackaging tool to monitor your dev tool installs and capture all changes into an MSI that then could be run in silent mode on a clean build box to initialize it. More complicated and expensive, but may be more reliable.

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