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Weird file versions, even though .rc file appears right

We have scripts that build about 100 binaries daily from various languages (VB6, C++, C#), all versioned identically. For some reason, there are 3 newly added binaries (2 C++ exe and 1 C++ dll) that are not adhering to the versioning rules all of our other binaries are.

I have checked the rc files for these 3 binaries, and they all appear fine to me:

BLOCK "StringFileInfo"
BLOCK "040904e3"
VALUE "FileVersion", ""

That's the version I want my files to have. But, my 2 exe files have, and the dll is even more odd at Also, these incorrect values are changing with every build, so there isn't something hard-coded out there that it overwriting our dynamic file versions with something static every time (i.e. was not the dll version for yesterday's build).

I had a similar issue which I reported in At that time, our developer combined the 2 rc files into one, and that solved our issue. In the current issue, the 3 rc files have an include statement for another rc2 file, but the rc2 file doesn't have a VS_VERSION_INFO VERSIONINFO section. It only has entries for the STRINGTABLE. Even so, I commented out the #include in the original rc files and compiled, and the version on the binaries is still weird, again, even though it looks right in the rc file.

We are running version 7.5a of VBP.
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