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If the web page item is linked (not stored), the current content for that page will be retrieved and displayed in the internal browser when the item is selected. Ctrl+J or Item | Open Document will open the URL in the default browser.

If the item is stored, press Ctrl+Shift+J (or Item | Open Document with Shift key held down) after selecting to open the original URL in the default browser.

Other options for accessing the item's URL:
1) Display the Item Attributes pane (Ctrl+4 or View | Other Windows | Item Attributes), right-click the URL attribute, and choose Copy (or arrow down to that row and press Ctrl+C). Also Ctrl+Q or Item | Open Shortcut will open the URL in the internal browser, Ctrl+Shift+Q opens the URL externally.

2a) Create a form with a single URL attribute (Tools | Forms | Insert, enter name of 'Document', add 'URL' in Column 1, and OK the dialogs).
2b) Assign the Document form to the Document template (navigate to My Data -> Templates -> Document, and in the Item Attributes pane, change the Form attribute to 'Document').
2c) Now, all document items will display the URL attribute in the detail pane above the document content. Click on or Tab to the URL form field and press Ctrl+C to copy the URL (and Ctrl+Q / Ctrl+Shift+Q to open internally/externally).
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