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Originally Posted by kinook View Post
I believe this is requesting auto-completing of words (i.e., start typing 'sup' and it automatically fills the rest of the search term [i.e., sup -> super, supp -> suppertime, etc.] based on the words existing in the database).
Ah, I see. So this expression refers to the behaviour in the search field and not in the list with the search results.
Indeed Farlanw obviously had this in mind as whe wrote "a live word autocomplete in the search interface".

Originally Posted by kinook View Post
but I don't see the value of this when typing a search term.
That's my opinion too. When typing a search term I prefer not to be distracted by possible completions already in the same field or window where I am typing. That's a matter for the result pane / window / list (whatever). (--> "search as you type" / "incrementel search")

And I think Farlanw's purpose could be achieved in this way too: The "need to quickly narrow down & identify one of tens of thousands of names as I type" then simply is fulfilled on the place where the search results can be seen.


Originally Posted by kinook View Post
Search as you type is already available by adjusting Tools | Options | Search | Incremental search delay when typing.
If we mean the same thing: I cannot see a difference when changing the value there for the milliseconds. The search results always appear only after pressing "Enter" (and not automatically).

For example (performing the mode "Search titles only"):
1. I type "ABFL" in the search box.
2. Then I press "Enter".
3. Only then the search results appear (in my example: 5 items).
(see the image)

I also attach my search settings in case I made some mistake in my options.
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