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Switch tabs without reloading search item results


Switching tabs away from a search item, and then back to it, causes the results to disappear (and re-generate, if "Automatically start saved search when search item is selected" is enabled).

I have a particular search item that produces my to-do list, and I constantly switch tabs between this item's tab, and other tabs. Unfortunately, if this search takes several seconds to run, it makes fast switching between tabs frustrating.

Is there a way to "cache" the search results in a given tab, so that tab-switching away from, and then back to, a search item does not re-run the search, nor clear the results, but show the previous results before the switch?

I notice that browser windows do retain the page's state (scroll position, etc.) when switching between tabs, though they do refresh when navigating away and back to their item in the Data Explorer. Ideally, search results could be configured to mimic this behavior.

Please advise, many thanks.
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