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Originally posted by J-Mac
I'm not certain that I wish to try and work with Excel files within UR.

I am not suggesting that you work with the native Excel file (xls) in UR, but that we export from Excel the relavent data sets to csv file(s), these csv files can then be imported in UR. Once you have exported the various data sets out of Excel and gotten them into UR, the Excel file will be abandoned.

I'm assuming that there are (3) possible data sets in the Excel file - Claim_No, Company Contact Info, and Claim_Event. If you are working with a "flat" layout, every row represents a Claim_Event with repeating data for Claim_No. and Company.

These are the three entities (tables, folders, templates) that need to be created in UR, the UR Attributes are going to be user-created based on the columns you have in Excel.

For example, Claim is going to become a Template with Attributes of - Claim_No., Claim_Date, Company_Name, Company_Info,... . Not all of these user-defined UR Attributes will be used during the import of the Excel csv, but you will be importing the csv against the Claim Template so that you end up with Claim Items from the Excel data.

This Claim Template will become the Default Child Template for the Claims Folder, and you'll run the csv import from the Claims Folder.

What I'm not clear on is, does each row (Claim_Event) in the Excel file also represent an actual data file (pdf or other). Also, going forward will all future Claim_Events be exclusively data files or can they also represent user-entered notes (or do all notes become some type of data file that confirms the event - conversation).

We can assign Forms (and Attributes) to either Text or Doc Type Templates, I'm just not sure what you consider a Claim_Event. For example a Claim_Event of user-entered data and notes could have supporting data files as "attachments" (Child Items) to the Claim_Event, these supporting docs could have a Form also - or they could be a Claim_Event in and of themselves. If this is the case then the same Form (and set of Attributes) could be assigned to both a Text and Doc Type Template - you end up with two versions of the "Template" - RTF and Doc.

This is a gross overview, and we can get more specific if needed.

Would it be possible to post an empty copy of the Excel file so that we could see the exisitng strucutre?

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