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Similar problem

I've been encountering a very similar problem with the Copy Files action in VBP.

I am also using Visual Build Pro 8.7. I've been working on getting a new build system up and running. The primary hold up right now is the build is not reliable. VBP "hangs" on a fairly regular basis while building certain steps, most often those involving a file copy step whose destination is a folder on a network share.

The behavior I see is VBP starts to copy a file and then stops dead. Often an empty (0 bytes) file is created on the destination. "Retries on failure" option seems to make no difference (checked or not). "Wait for share names to be defined" is checked. Even the "Terminate action if not complete after" option seems to be ignored.

If the copy step has "*.*" and "copy subdirectories (recursive) for the source options, the operation sometimes stops on the first file attempted. But, not every time the build runs.

When I check a "stuck" build in this situation, VBP is still running and has open file handles on the source and destination files (confirmed by the SysInternals "Handle" utility).

The build system I'm working with is Windows 8.1 running under VMware. The VBP is invoked as a Windows scheduled task running under an admin user account.

Any thoughts or suggestions on how to get past this problem? This build machine has been languishing in "limbo" for some time largely due to this issue.

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