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Angry Problems with WMAKE

I'm trying to compile a MAK file using WMAKE. Initially it give me following error:

Step default property 'command' = C:\Progra~1\Micros~3\vc98\bin\wmake /h /f mak\at_fxreg.mak ARX=1 ACAD15=1 OutFile=out15prodlib.txt

Error(F13): No control characters allowed in options
Error(E02): Make execution terminated

Process completed with exit code 4

Then I make a PATH environment variable in Project and provided all the necessary paths. Then it gives me the following error:

Error expanding macros in property value: c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\..... other path values

<Evaluation aborted; possible recursive macro reference>
Error updating process environment variables.

I know that there is a built-in Path variable in System, which may have a conflict with it.

Any help would be appreciated!!!


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