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Conditional set of .NET assembly version?

I'm currently evaluating VisBuildPro and am very close to purchasing it. There's one thing left to figure out how to do.

I have a nightly build with an incrementing build number. I would like the assemblies that were rebuilt during the build to be stamped with the build number. Using the "Set the project version to a specific value" option on the Versions tab of the Make VS.NET step, I'm able to do that.

However, I only want to stamp the build number on an assembly that actually had changes made to it. In other words, for assemblies that are already up-to-date (no source code changes since last build), I don't want to update the build number.

So, what I need is the conditional functionality of the "Increment the version if the target executable timestamp changes" option but the ability of the "Set the project version" to set the version to a specific number rather than simply incrementing it.

How would I do this, keeping in mind that I'm building several solution (.sln) files each of which contains several project (.csproj) files?


--Steve Zimmerman
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