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Thanks for taking the time to test it this way. It does work even with Dropbox, the problem is when 2 saves occur next to each other in time so that both clients upload at the same time. Testing this on gdrive, I saw both machines uploading which caused a conflict.

This functionality must be native to the app. If we can't fix it, I proposed some workarounds in my previous post. Minimizing 'saves' will help, but the risk is always there.

I'm not sure if UR can 'merge' to urd files, I propose this would be a complex task to do.

Another approach is for UR to allow a user to save a single urd file in a kinook cloud and have a desktop client connect to it. Eliminating 3rd party intermediaries like dropbox and the likes.

I know the current state of software technology is capable of solving it, but it appears Kinook is not yet sold on the idea.
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