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It appears to be a shortcoming of Dropbox. I tested with Google Drive on two computers (multi-user mode disabled in UR, leaving the database open in UR on both machines):

1) Created a test URD file on computer A, after a few seconds it synced to computer B
2) Opened the test URD on computer B
3) On computer A, modified an item
4) On computer B, selected that item, it shows the modifications from computer A
5) On computer B, modified the same item
6) On computer A, refreshed or selected another item and returned to that item, it shows the modifications from computer B
7) On computer A, inserted a new item
8) On computer B, chose Tree | Refresh All, and the new item from computer A is displayed
9) On computer B, inserted another item
10) On computer A, Tree | Refresh All shows the new item from computer B

Pretty slick. Reminders created on one computer show up on the other one without even refreshing.

Oddly, Dropbox is able to sync the new URD file after it's created and still open in UR, but it doesn't seem to properly sync subsequent changes while still open.
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