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UR and the cloud, again

Hi there ...
It has been years since I posted to these forums. However, My use of UR was as enthusiastic as ever since I purchased it in 2009.

In the past few years, I have been moving slowly to Evernote as a paid subscriber. It served me well, but I continued to UR mostly for task management. I relied on dropbox to keep my Ur file synced across the 3 PCs I use almost on a daily basis. However, I just can no longer bare with 'ConflictedCopy' problem that comes up weekly. It is hard to resolve and most times I find myself spending hours to fix it.

I know UR had traditionally suggested resorting to such techniques as using Dropbox, flash drives, or screen sharing. It just does not work.

I'm not sure what Kinook plans are or how to interpret the lack of development in the past few years. Why are they not attacking this problem in any serious manner. Is UR hitting major technology or financial hurdles that are preventing it from continuing to evolve. I sincerely, hope not.

The problem of syncing data cross multiple PCs is not an easy one. I read that all the time. However, many companies are moving forward on executing on a some solution. For example, OmniOutliner produced OmniPresence, Scrivener is currently working on a dropbox based sync solution, NovaMind is going through a full cloud transformation. OnceNote has done the same, MyBase has a web client as well. Where is Kinook from all of this?

I can propose some potential solutions.

1) At a minimum, we need an UR native method that protects UR databases from 'conlicted copies' issues on dropbox. Scrivener, for example, detects when same project is opened from a dropbox folder if it is already opened on 2nd machine. Can we at least have UR do the same?

2) There are database based replication software out there that are database agnostic and should work with SQLLite. They claim to offer bi-directional sync and full replication. I do not mind being charged a yearly substitution fee to host my UR DBs on a kinook server that allows my multiple PCs to replicate with it. Moving to a subcrition based revenue is the only grantee for a long term survival for Kinook.

Examples of sqllite replication software

- Raft consensus protocol
- SymmetricDS (SQlite is listed as supported)
- CopyCat LiveMirror / CopyCat DataMerge

Kinook ...
I would love to hear your feedback on the above. Appreciate your kind attention.
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