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armsys, there's a problem, you ferociously deny KNOWN probs of UR (cf. the web and what people say about UR's accessibility to them, and that's generally the main reason they refrain from using it, otherwise it'd be a more than highly competitive product). I'm not entering your little game who's right and who's wrong here, I'm simply trying to EXPLAIN why people react to UR, in big numbers, as they do, and when I bring examples, it's like I had never written them down.

Such a denial, against the outlined facts, doesn't help the product you are ineptly trying to defend, and which in fact, by constructively critisizing, I potentially (if my voice is heard, that is, and which you try to combat) defend much more than you do, by instigating the actions that are highly needed in order to overcome this double virtual standstill (in sales, in development - a last word here: Those people that are able to COPE with the very special style of UR, already bought it, years ago: meaning, for broadening the customer base, UR has to make accessible its fine feature to us ordinary people, too - or let's face it: some people like elitist programs, and don't like that the plebs will gain access, too, because then, they can't feel as elitist as they felt before - and this variant does certainly apply to some), and in order for you to understand me, I'll make a last try:

You have bought this sw, and you like it. That makes 1 buy, and 1 update here and then. The problems I describe, mean that THOUSANDS of people who consider UR, do NOT buy this sw. So, when you succeed in convincing kinook and forists here that there AIN'T the double accessibility (gui, then "help" file) prob I describe, that means that nothing will ever be done about this problem that every year costs UR perhaps 1,000, perhaps even more prospects refraining from buying UR, which they would otherwise have done.

And this means that for one paying customer having his way, kinook misses about 1,000 sales a year, which means, Standard and Prof combined, and assuming that 50 p.c. would be by bits, 250 Prof 25,000, 250 Standard 12,500, 250 bits Prof 5,000, 250 bits Standard 2,500, sum total 45,000 bucks a year evaporated instead of going to the developer.

I suppose that would pay for LOTS of development - which in turn would bring many new users, beyond just bringing "back" those who too much feared the gui and the "help" file in order to buy in the first place. In a word, your stance potentially (= if you succeed in making others belief your sophisms that is, and so make them stay with their inactivity about it) HARMS the user experience of the rest of us. (And not speaking of kinook being happy or not with the proceeds.) And as for the "help" file, I've never seen any less helpful, so any help file out there is more helpful than this one, but instead of sharing your - as you say, at least partly systematized - knowledge with us, you hold it back. No problem with that, but don't make too many people believe that the current "help" file and gui (it's pleasant, but not intuitive) situations are good as they are:

No, the problems you deny are the main reason this product is not actively developed.

As said, I'm near withdrawel in front of such stubborn ignorance. As said, I'm in constructive thinking, and all this meta-communication where the output is ZERO, is very tiring, for the participants as for the bystanders, let alone the zero gain UR could get out of it.

But now let me be blunt: It will not be me who'll rewrite this (for us ordinary people out there) very unhelpful "help" file. So you better organize some collaborative efforts, or all your whining about disppointing updates will remain fruitless.

The point of departure ov this thread gone astray was system load and such, hence my question re external files and their storage within UR. My question hasn't got an answer yet, and from what I read elsewhere, I'm more and more afraid that UR doesn't offer 3 ways of handling external files, but only 2 ways: Just linking (with no update functionality, hence broken links), and with NO indexing, and then embedding, meaning importing, with indexing of SOME files, but at the cost of blowing up your db. Thus, lots of my description above was probably wishful thinking only, hence armsys stating he didn't understand, and I'd understand him, in this case. Or I'm too negative here, and UR's capabilities are nearer what I described above, than to what I describe here. All the more so a good reason to clarify what UR can do, and what it cannot.

A last word: If it's really an invariable fact that the "big guys" do rather few things, at the end of the day, instead of being developed in a way that after some years, they do almost all you would want them to do, why not going back to something lightweight, instead, and conceive your own hybrid system. In other words:

When there is really not so much to wait for, why then wait, in the first place?

Hope I'm wrong here.

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