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What I deception!

I came back here to get some (even intermediary) development on this link-embed-import theme, but nope.

(I admit that (both) my mother('s) (t, God save her soul) language were/are German, whilst I'm not, and since I never spoke English in my whole life, my composing posts in English gives me some English writing practice at least, especially if I try to write fast (there's also the electronic version of Langenscheidt Handwörterbuch ever-running that I consult about 2 to 3 times the half-hour - 120 min. would mean a very long post, though, or 2 consecutive and rather extensive posts with a little, not "thinking", but "thoughts-breeding" time, in-between.)

"Apparently you missed the answer to your oft-mentioned RM vs. UR." and ""Order" appears 6 times"
Answer in due place

"took extensive notes" and "Every year, I return back"
That's what I mean, every user has to do this work on his own, since there is no such consolidated knowledge made available by the help file, but only scattered details (with rare exceptions), and not speaking of the UR phenomenon (I have never seen in such an extreme nature elsewhere) that you travel around in a closed set of multi-referential dead-ends NOT containing the crucial info anywhere, and without knowing where the info might be out of this self-referential set. And I said, why forcing everybody to do this work for himself? Why not make it available once and for all, even by way of a collaboration here in this forum, and then it's set, instead of anybody having to do the same aggregation work again and again. Besides, I'm just a little bit angry here since I've clearly made my point long ago, and though, I'm forced to repeat again and again - your saying how you do it, is just ANOTHER proof that the how-to's of UR are so unintuitive that only regular revising what you labourously collected for you holds it all together somehow, makes it available again, more or less.

I brought a very good example above, and in spite of my explaining what's the interest in ordered aggregation here, collaboratively (and thus avoiding indidual mistakes and misconceptions, if every user is out on his own), you simply repeat, between the lines, that is has been so forever, chacun pour soi, and so be it further on!

Another example is that weird "first steps" problem, where UR newcomers don't easily get how to do siblings and children, for just normal, basic content items, but where they wonder a long time (or quit, in-between) how all these different templates might function together, and I remember very well my very first try with UR - I even deleted the trial since I thought it was broken! (I had tried desparately to get content into a template that's not for content, over many minutes, and by all means possible - was also a problem of the terminology employed for the different templates.) And to say the truth, I got also more and more fed up with UR because I simply didn't get some concepts, even with (some simili, some real) help in the forum, let alone my wandering for hours over that caricature of a help file), and whenever I had "got" something, but for a function rarely used, a month later, I hadn't the slightest idea left how to make that functionality work I knew was there - so much for the "intuitiveness" of this prog. On the other hand, I say, it's rock-stable, and I know what I'm saying, my db having exceeded 1 giga, whilst in MI, for db's of 30 mega, lot's of crashing, lotsa a time.

So what I'm saying here, I KNOW about the real advantages of UR, but I'm getting more and more disappointed with the general rule here, from kinook AND from forists, that these things might stay unshakeable, but see, for most possible users, it's very simple:

For them, functions that are implemented in so weird a way that they cannot access them, cannot make them work for them, are simply as "good" as are function that ain't there to begin with. And that, for many a prospective user, puts the "value" of UR, from his subjective pov, into perspective, and in a very unfavourable way for UR: He gets hand on just SOME functions, the minor ones, of UR, doesn't get to the elaborate ones - and so, he's back to his starting position where he compares UR to 30-bucks outliners, which on top of that, even for the basic functionlity (see above), are much more "accessible": No need there to make your aggregation of the "help" file topics on your own, and have numerous cheat sheets on hand, just in order to do quite normal things with your IMS, there!

So, fellow posters, by repeating that it's each individual's own duty to individually cutting his way thru this jungle, you will NOT improve UR's current market position, and hence, there is quite little chance that UR's slow development - of which many here ain't happy, and say so - will ever accelerate - whilst collaboratively making UR's functionality much more available to prospects that it currently is, could at least a good step in the right direction, especially if kinook motivates current users by doing some necessary developing work (typical example: UR comes along "high-brow". Then there isn't formatting in its tree. But, thanks to his "high-brow" impression he gets from this prog, a prospect will blame himself for not finding the according function, when in fact it's not there. So he will spend a lot of time searching when it would have been much better, marketing-wise, to let him know, outright, that formatting in the tree is planned for next year only. People love such straight info that spares them a lot of time and frustration).

But then, I often think I'm speaking to a stone wall and better had let it go: I've too much having to repeat myself here, and with no result.
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