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Have answered in due place.

Composing time
Above answer cost me 35 min. incl. the time to develop my points. When in focus, I often think rather fast, and - and here's the quirk that makes reading me strenuous -, while writing, I also catch all the relevant little details from my mind in order to "complete" the sub-subject as far as I'm able to do that, at the time. I also do not revise then, in order to bring it into better order, leaving the sub-details slightly misplaced - the reason for this is my knowing that further on, I'll get a better grasp of it all, which will then invalidate some of my points, and some day indeed, I should put it all into the right order - when I'm not any more in the groping-around stage. On the other hand, even this intermediate stage brings enough new insight that's worth to be shared; I judge this from what I otherwise find, in the web, and in publications available to me. It's also about ordering knowledge, and systematizing it, whilst anywhere in the web, the good things are enormously scattered, and with very big holes in between.

Back to topic
I know there is the help file. I admit I have developed sort of a phobia vāv the UR help file, and I remember that of course there is some info that could inform me about some aspects of my question. But then, it has decidedly be my intention to ask like a newcomer to UR would ask: 1, 2, 3: 3 different kinds to put external things into UR, or to just link them to UR, and have it all together, one by one, from the lightest way of "connecting it to UR" down to the "most integrated" way (but which, for its blowing up the amount of date in UR, hence rising answering times, and even perhaps, at some point, stability probs, should be avoided whenever possible).

So a new user of UR, or a prospect for UR, would like to have such a COMPREHENSIVE account of this part of UR's functionality, from HIS point of view, i.e. deciding, which kind of external stuff can be put into UR in which way, and thus, what will I decide upon this kind of external stuff, and of that... and of course, such a comprehensive "simili-table" would also make evident any sensible but missing functionality that UR might have, at this point.

So here again, it's about systematization of knowledge, here about a CORE feature of any such sw, i.e. "how to store things in it, other than text". Please imagine a UR prospect: At this time, he's forced to get this basic, essential info from driving forth and back in several help file items, and even after this dreadful voyage, he probably will NOT be able to make the above-tried systematic "table", but will be in doubt about more than one detail here.

Hence the utmost interest of UR to provide that thing that I have tried to begin above, and where I certainly will have made numerous errors. But's it up to UR to clarify UR for new users, in order to make it a never-ending IQ test for every possible new UR user to gather his knowledge about UR on his own, and for every such prospect (or worse, new user) again, and again - that's a lot of extravagance UR shifts upon its (potential) users.

And since UR doesn't seem to see the urgent need for a better help file - of which my beginning of a systematization was only an example -, it would be so kind if experienced UR users helped all of us out here, took what I wrote above, put it into a new entry form, and weeded out any of my numerous mistakes and possible misconceptions there.
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