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I am sorry I am a bit confused, you want me to run step 1 with setting MSBUILD call to my Build.xml? or to set environment vs 2008? bat file?

Also Am i adding "set current dir" right after step 2? what does working folder imply here?

where am I adding call to vcvarsall.bat?

I am sorry for the confusion..
Originally Posted by kinook View Post
Take it in steps to ensure everything is setup the same in Visual Build.

1) Run Visual Build from the VS 2008 Command Prompt (start VisBuildPro<enter>), add a Run Program step that makes the same msbuild call as done manually (also set the Start in field to the working folder of the Command Prompt), and build.

2) Add a Set Current Dir step to set the build dir to the working folder of the command prompt, and following that, add a MSBuild step to call the build.xml (select any option or add flags as needed to match the manual msbuild call), and rebuild.

3) Add the vcvarsall.bat call to the MSBuild step as mentioned previously to avoid needing to start Visual Build from the VS 2008 Command Prompt, start Visual Build from a shortcut and build the project.
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