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- (optional?) popup calendar entry in date fields in item attributes

Alt+C pops up a calendar and the selected date can be pasted into the active field by pressing Enter or Copy & Paste.

- icon manager (some way to add external icons without importing a document with that icon)

You can also add .ico files to the database, and the icon will be available to assign to other items. Support for managing icons and adding shell icons is also on the list for a future release.

- keyboard shortcut to open URL in external browser even when default is set to Ultra Recall (perhaps the most important one for me at this point; I like using the internal browser for most things but need to open URLs in text externally a lot of the time)

For a UR web page item, Ctrl+Shift+J opens the original URL in an external browser. Shift+Enter on the focused link in the internal browser (or within the Web Address toolbar combo) opens that link in the default browser. Ctrl+Shift+Q does the same for an attribute value containing a URL or a link in a rich text item. See for all shortcuts.

- don't show 'click here to open message' if imported message was "moved" into Ultra Recall on mime viewer items

That link creates a temporary copy of the embedded message and opens it in the associated viewer (equivalent of Item | Open Document). This can be useful, for instance, for replying to a stored message.

- export branch to a new database

Copy/paste and drag/drop of items (recursively) between databases is currently supported.

- ability to open item details (notes) in a separate window to refer to while working with another item

This should be taken care of by multiple tab capability when added.

- numbered list in RTF editor
- recurring tasks
- appointment type/calendar
- add Job Title field to contact form
- possibly add the ability to open multiple tabs? useful for browsing multiple sites and referring to multiple items
- reminders/alarms on items

These will all be considered for a future release. Thanks for the great feedback.
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