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Pass parameters to InstallShield 10.5

I have a problem with passing parameters to InstallShield 10.5.

For InstallShield 10.5 VBP use one step building using IsCmdBld.exe. The problem is IsCmdBld.exe doesn't support -d option (define macro).

For InstallShield 7.01 VBP uses two-steps build: Compile.exe for compilation and IsBuild.exe for building. Compile.exe support -d option.

How can I pass the -d option to the compiler of InstallShield 10.5 in the VBP?

Now I use custom step Compile.exe with -d option and after that IsBuild.exe, i.e. I use the InstallShield 7 building schema manualy.

I wrote to InstallShield support mail about this problem (passing parameters for IsCmdBld.exe), but not received answer yet.

Thanks for your support.
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