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Associate Flags with Background Color

It would be nice if there was an option to associate Flags with the background color, rather than the text color. And the background color should apply to all the children of an object, unless you override it by setting a different Flag for a child. For example, I have a folder at the top of my Data Explorer called "Miscellaneous To Do's". I throw to-do items in there when they are things that I want to do very soon and don't want to bother with filing them. However, when I have lots of folders expanded in the tree, it all starts to look the same and since my Miscellaneous To Do's don't stand out, I tend to overlook them. I'd like to be able to assign a background shade not only to the parent object but to all the children, so when it's expanded, it's really noticeable in the tree.

Kevin's response:

"The background flag idea is something we haven't considered before, nor the idea of children using the parent's flag setting. Both are interesting ideas worth further consideration."
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