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initial thoughts and suggestions

Great job on a useful application. Following are some ideas for suggestions based on several days of usage. They are mostly all "nice to have" rather than deal killers. The current functionality is actually quite satisfactory.

- (optional?) popup calendar entry in date fields in item attributes
- icon manager (some way to add external icons without importing a document with that icon)
- numbered list in RTF editor
- recurring tasks
- appointment type/calendar
- keyboard shortcut to open URL in external browser even when default is set to Ultra Recall (perhaps the most important one for me at this point; I like using the internal browser for most things but need to open URLs in text externally a lot of the time)
- don't show 'click here to open message' if imported message was "moved" into Ultra Recall on mime viewer items
- add word count (for writing) to system attributes
- ability to open item details (notes) in a separate window to refer to while working with another item
- export branch to a new database
- add Job Title field to contact form
- possibly add the ability to open multiple tabs? useful for browsing multiple sites and referring to multiple items
- reminders/alarms on items

I've also posted a review of my initial impressions to
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