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UR and VPN Clients

I work a helpdesk and use UR to store my notes and documentations. These notes are stored IN UR AND there's an attribute pointing to a Network location for the external file (.rtf) for others on the network to view without having UR. Really nice to write my documentation or note in UR and provide the UR to the file I want to synch with --- VERY nice!

BUT I have a problem ... when I need to log into another computer via a VPN client I'm knocked off my local network which is expected BUT since my notes are stored INSIDE UR I wouldn't think that they would be effected but they are. When I click on a note that is STORE and has a URL to my local Network it takes FOREVER to display the note. I would think that my note should be displayed instantly as I'm not attempting to synch it (that, would be done AFTER I close my VPN connection).

Can a change be made to not even check the URL attribute unless one provides the command to do so, then I think the note would be displayed much faster in this type of situation.

I hope I didn't confuse anyone. :-)

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