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1) Exit UR
2) Download and extract to the UR installation path
3) Start Windows Explorer and navigate to/double-click C:\Program Files\UltraRecall\UltraRecallDbg.exe to start UR
4) Create a new database in UR, add a URL attribute to the Tasks item with the URL of your Outlook Tasks folder (typically Outlook://Personal Folders/Tasks)
5) Record the Outlook task's GUID using Windows Linker
6) Sync the Tasks item in UR
7) Record the Outlook tasks' (for the original and new task) GUIDs using Windows Linker
6) ZIP and send to
a) %TEMP%\ks_trace.txt (literally type %TEMP% into a Windows Explorer address bar to navigate there)
b) the .urd file from above
c) a screen shot capture of Outlook showing the Tasks list
d) the before/after GUIDs as recorded above
e) the version+SP of Outlook being used

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