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It sounds like one of two problems is occuring:
1) Ultra Recall is not obtaining a immutable (permanent) PR_ENTRYID value for the contact when you initially import/link it into Ultra Recall. When you later sync the item, it doesn't find the corresponding task in Outlook, so it consequently recreates the task (since the url it stored does not actually match that in Outlook).
2) Ultra Recall is obtaining the correct PR_ENTRYID value from Outlook when the item is imported/linked into Ultra Recall, but Outlook is later changing the PR_ENTRYID so the relationship (via the stored url attribute value in UR) is no longer valid.

If the problem is # 1 above, you should get exponentially increasing duplicates as you continue to sync (1,2,4,8...) and there may or may not be anything we can do about it (we will research further).

If the problem is #2, we can't fix Ultra Recall to address the problem since Outlook is changing the PR_ENTRYID value, which is a showstopper.

One thing you can do to test is use the Windows Linker (free) utility from Team Scope: Download and install, then choose the Outlook GUID format, then select the task in Outlook, and use the Linker tool to paste the "url" somewhere (maybe notepad). Then import the task into Ultra Recall, and finally compare the url attribute value of the imported tasks in Ultra Recall to the "url" saved in notepad.

If they are the same, then it would appear that Outlook is later changing the url for task (you can confirm by syncing the task in UR then using the Linker tool to re-obtain the "url" value. If it is different than Outlook changed the value).

If they are different than the issue must be #1 above.
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